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Monday, October 27, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Hi CA people,

Yesterday I went to watch the movie "Tropic Thunder" and had a blast of a time. I just couldn't stop laughing to Robert Downey Jr.'s character, Kirk Lazarus, a confuse and obsessed actor who got lost amongst the characters he played, especially Tropic Thunder's Sergeant Lincoln Osiris. Its so surreal that Sergeant Lincoln is actually played by a white guy! LMAO. Tropic Thunder, must watch comedy this year!

Also, a must get of this year for Christmas. Girlfriends or spouses or besties can consider the recommendation I am showing.
For the busy, gym-o-holic fella, who is looking for bags that could house his gym clothes and also his precious laptop, so he could hit the gym right after work, why not try Charis Asher Autumn' Men bag.

The bag is big enough to house up to a 17" laptop and plentiful space in it to carry your chargers, PDAs, documents and also your gym equipments.
Its also a great bag for short travel trips, where you just need a bag with a few clothes and a place to carry your laptop too.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silence of the Lambs

Dearest Charis Asher-ed loyalties,

Its been quiet for awhile in our Charis Asher HQ lair. Too quiet till I could even hear my own thoughts. *bird chirping*

Thus, I shall share abit of what C.A.T. been doing in our Charis Asher HQ lair. *muahaha*

C.A. been busy marketing its image overseas and locally and also building up our online store (much demand I have to say, I apologise for the wait valuable fans!!).

S'pore been raining, and my colleagues and I have been snuggled up together in the warmth of our HQ lair and plotting future plans for our CA bags.

To those who bought our autumn bags, firstly, thank you for buying. Secondly, a warning to not bring out your Precious out in the unpredictable weather of S'pore. I have to say with a heavy heart: they are rain-phobic.

There. I have said it. Rain-phobic. Avoid any form of rain/water/liquid for the Autumn bags. But if you've got caught in an unannounced rain, carrying your Precious, no worries, if they do get wet (on the outside), the laptop inside remains dry as my mom's mee goreng

Mom: its mee goreng what.. suppose to be dry mah.
Me: but not to the point i feel its like sandpapering my tongue away right??

We promise that on the insides, it remains just as dry. :)

Tongue-less C.A.T. Member,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Charis Asher in the Wind ~~~

Hi Loyal Charis Asher Followers,

Due to the building of Charis Asher's marketing strategies (more or less ) and due to the fact we have nothing much to blog currently, we apologise if there aren't recent post in our blog. :(

But do not fret. We, C.A.T., promise to bring viewers more entertainment to come!! C.A.T. to the RESCUE~~~~