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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Smashion: Part Trios

Good Morning People!

Its only 1 more day to Christmas, I bet some of you out there are rushing to get those last minutes gifts for those last minute gift exchange parties.

Why not take part in our discount voucher promos. Click here for more details on how to enjoy our special discount vouchers offers (ends 31st Dec 08). QUICK BEFORE THE OFFER ENDS!!

Now, time for Fashion Smashion Mash Up time. OTT, UTT (Under The Top) and OLs, take alook at this!

For the personalities as bright as the bright vibrant colours they carry, try our autumn's series Venetian bag.

For the casual bohemian styles, try our Olivine and Ochre bags!

For the corporate and work-o-holics, try our Burgundy and Bistre bags.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fashion Smashion: Part Deux

Good Morning people,

As I struggle to wake up to this beautiful day, its only natural to start the day with a blog.

For our 3 part FASHION SMASHION, we are going to do Women's wear with our women' collection Mix-N-Match!

Collection: Charis Asher Summer Series

Match this floral dress with our Longan series bags! Cool and uber-chic!

For that sunny personalities and vibrant attitude, why not try the Orange series bags!

For the hippie dressers who all into groovy purple, try our Blackcurrant series.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fashion Smashion: Part Un

Good Morning our people,

The questions lies unsolved - Which style of yours matches which of our bags?
That is a tricky question many had bombard us with. So its time I set some examples.

I will do a 3 part blog, starting first with the Men's series. Let us begin (muahaha).....

Dress to simplicity and comfortability. If this is your style, why not match it with our "Taupe" bag.

Dress to standout? All dressy and designer-esque, great match with our "Charcoal" bag!

For the sophisticated, sleek young executives, why not try to carry our "Blackberry" series?

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Why we need Charis Asher bags

I know this may sound like some marketing scheme to get you guys to buy our bags, but I think its best to share what we feel is right.

Why we need Charis Asher bags:-
  • Security - I know a family friend who flies frequently to Paris for work, and would carry around her laptop. Just as the many times she landed in Paris, she took a cab to her hotel. It flashed Red lights, and the taxi came to a stop. CRASH. The taxi's passenger's window broke and a biker and his/her passenger grab her laptop and took off. Well our bags helps in this situation as it disguises the idea of a laptop in the laptop bag. And instead of carrying 2 or more handcarry bags, our bags minimalise the idea of carrying more then 1 bag.
  • Minimalist - Instead of carrying 2 bags into a crowded MRT or bus to work, why not just carry one? Easy accessibility and convenience ensures you with 'No-Hassle' traveling.
  • Fashionability - It is different from the ordinary "Free Of Charge" laptop bags you get from buying your laptop bags. Just imagine, you are dressed to the nighs for your presentation at work today, nice Prada handbag and your Jimmy Choos, all wells. But alas! Your other hand holds a dead black FOC bag.
  • Affordability - one other thing that differentiate our bags with other laptop bags is the price range, as we are in the mid range pricing. Where can you find such a good deal?? XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Celebrate Xmas with US!!!

Celebrate this Christmas with US!

In this special festive occasion, Charis Asher (US!!) is giving away 20% vouchers as your Christmas gift*!

Just drop us an email to

Which includes your particulars:
Name: _______________
Email Address: _________
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Date of Birth: ___________

When you do so, you will receive your vouchers in 3 days!!!!!! Woohoo!

*Offer is valid till 31st December 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little John in John Little

Dear CA people,

Just a reminder, CA has also taken part in the John Little Sale in Expo. Feel free to pop by to John Little Mega Sale (ends on the 8th) and check out the great deals we are offering.

Welcome in to the family

Hi CA people,

You are probably guessing who is the C.A.T. team. Well, here is a brief introduction :)